Performance indicators for your customer relations – CRM

The CRM (for Customer Relationship Management), or GRC
for Customer Relationship Management in French, is a software that boils down
to creating, developing, and maintaining a privileged relationship with your
customers, prospects or contacts, its effectiveness does not escapes anyone
these days.


After implementing a CRM, you quickly notice the
incomparable advantages that this software can offer, it has all the features
and integrations you need for marketing, sales, content management and service.
customer, but it is still necessary to be aware of the right approach to


Despite all the advantages from which we can benefit,
we may not notice real progress, nor any changes in our customer relations, but
not understand the cause, here are therefore non-exhaustive indicators that a
CRM offers to measure the performance of your business approach.


If the rate of these indicators listed below is
positive, congratulations, you have been able to use the CRM functionalities in
favor of your customer approaches.


1. Opportunity conversion rate

Also referred to as the conversion rate, customer
prospects, the latter precisely defines the number of transactions carried out
divided by the number of prospects.


Example: if you have completed 10 transactions for a total
of 50 prospects. The opportunity conversion rate is 20%.


2. The commercial performance index

An indicator that remains extremely important,
allowing you to calculate the number of sales you have made compared to the
number of appointments you have made with your prospects. It is noted that the
more this figure is consistent, the more the performance indicator will be by


3. The retention rate

This indicator helps you recognize how many of your
customers have benefited from your services or purchased your products more
than twice. A commonly requested loyalty indicator to know the customers who
trust your products or services.


Loyalty is the reputation of your brand, it will allow
an increase in turnover in the long term provided that you establish an
effective loyalty policy.


4. Attrition rate

The latter is the opposite of the loyalty indicator.
It measures the number of customers who have lost their trust in your products
or services. This indicator is sure to determine the satisfaction of your


5. Conquest rate

A commercially important indicator, helping you to
measure the prospecting work carried out. It allows an overall view of the
number of prospect appointments and the total number of appointments.


6. Efficiency rate

The calls you make allow the development of your
commercial power. But the effectiveness of these calls is defined by the number
of sales made or the number of appointments you were able to obtain compared to
the number of calls you made.


The services offered by the CRM are each an asset that
allows you to excel in your customer relations, but the real strength of the
organization comes once the CRM connects and merges these services together.


The CRM allows you to have a global vision on all your
commercial activities, it is still necessary to know how to exploit this data,
to be aware of your weak points, your gaps and needs, to plan well-crafted
strategies, to change and develop the methods which seem to work the least.


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